There’s No Safety in Not Knowing.


A common phrase people use to justify not knowing is,

“it wont happen here/to me”


“Well, what if it does?”

What if…

Someone does fall out of their chair and sustains an injury?
An inspector shows up unexpectedly?

What would you do when…

Someone slips on water that dripped on the floor?
Chemicals (including household cleaners) used on the job spill?

How would you handle…

An on-the-job injury exposing others to blood?
Someone becoming incapacitated on the job?

Where would you go …

If the fire alarm rang?
If an armed individual came on your campus?


Have questions? Don’t worry! Give HSWT a call, consultations are at no charge!

Have Safety Will Travel has been performing CA State compliant Employee Training, Accident Investigations, and helping businesses to stay accident free for over 25 years.
Let us add to your safety toolkit.

Contact Mark P. today.
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To stay up-to-date with CA safety regulations and safety tips; follow HSWT Blog here.

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