Accident Investigation & Prevention

Sometimes we wait too long to fix a potential problem. Most of the time it’s after an accident has already happened. We think to ourselves “gosh, I knew I should’ve done something sooner.” Now your employee and their family is hurt, your company takes a hit, an accident investigation takes place, and you’re left to pick up the pieces.

The frustrating part is we see the problem; we ignore it too.

It would take too much time to fix, or too much money, or my employees wont be happy with the change. 

Simple things. Like, not wearing a proper harness, or not wearing the harness properly, not wearing the gloves, or glasses, or hardhat like they should be, leaning back or forward instead of moving the ladder, staying quiet when others aren’t being safe.

Taking the “short-cuts”, so to speak.

Let Safety be the new voice, the new standard in your company!

HSWT can help you set that standard.

You, your employees, and your company will Thank You.

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