Fall Training in Time For Fall


Let me tell you a story. It wont take long, I promise.

One day I was walking down the street. That’s it, just walking. The clouds were big and puffy, the sun peeped through every now and then. What a beautiful day it was. Then it happened. Suddenly! I was falling, what the? I thought. The sidewalk was just barely uneven in one spot. Luckily I caught myself before I hit the ground. Whew, that was close!


Simple accidents happen like this every day. As a business, they can come with hefty consequences. The company, provided they have the proper Liability Insurance, will be responsible to cover all medical expenditures, pay for the time the employee may be out and unable to complete their job duties, AND don’t even get me started on the paperwork! While we all hope the employee makes a safe and speedy recovery, what a headache for everyone involved!

Avoid the headache; protect your employees and company.

Let Have Safety Will Travel add to your Safety Toolkit with Slip and Fall Training.

Here are some facts about Slips, and Falls in the workplace:

  • Result in 15% of all accidental deaths, which is 2nd leading cause behind motor vehicles
  • Can cost an employer and employee ~ $12,000/year
  • One of most frequently-reported injuries
  •  Responsible for ~25% of reported claims/year
  • Over 17% of all disabling occupational injuries result from falls

Contact Mark P. today to get a quote for your company, big or small.
Company phone: (760) 694-6977

To stay up-to-date with Safety Tips and Regulations for California, follow us here!


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