Active Shooter Training ~ Praying for Sutherland Springs, Texas

Texas is in mourning as another active shooter situation takes 26 lives, injures 20 others, and scars many more as they worshiped in Church service. The ages of the deceased ranges from 5 years old, to 72.


While no link has been found to any terrorist groups, the gunman, now deceased, inspired terror into the heart of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Are you ready for an active shooter situation? Do you know what to do when the gunman brandishes his weapon, or the first shots ring out?


Have Safety Will Travel has worked with LAPD and can teach you what to do if you, or your employees find themselves in an active shooter situation.

We will discuss information about terrorist groups, tips on emergency first aid and offer the suggestion: Run, Hide or Fight if confronted by a shooter.

“What are you going to choose to do?”

First be aware of your surroundings at all times – church, mall, movies, and ballgames etc – all soft targets for predators. It is imperative to stay calm.  Learn combat tactical breathing to calm yourself in an attack. This involves breathing in for four seconds, holding your breath for four and exhaling for four. Simple advice techniques might include

  1. Wrapping a belt around the springs of a door to keep someone from coming in
  2. Turning off lights
  3. Muting cell phones when hiding
  4. Remember, anything can be a weapon, a chair, a book, a pen.

Remember your emergency medical training (CPR/First Aid)

  1. If someone is bleeding use direct pressure to stop bleeding.
  2. Control the bleeding and get out the shooter may be somewhere around.

Everyone must keep an open mind to the possibility that this can occur. We are prepared for most emergencies fires/earthquakes; we want to deny this will ever happen, but It already has.  


A Glimpse into Active Shooter Training:

Step 1: Work with local police

Step 2: Create a survey of your facility for police

Step 3: Create a lockdown policy

Step 4: Prevent an incident

Step 5: If a Shooter Gets In? … HSWT can teach you what to do!

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