Officials Caution Trick-or-Treaters Against Marijuana Edibles

Since the legalization of Marijuana, the number of children exposed to and having ingested THC-infused products has skyrocketed. This Halloween, officials urge parents and guardians to be ever vigilant about the kind of candy their children are accepting/eating.  THC candies can take various forms including (but not limited to), chocolates, cereals, gummies gold fish crackers/cheez-it’s and lollipops, and often have THC levels up to 90, which is equivalent to smoking an entire joint on ones own.

While it may be hard, even impossible to distinguish THC candy from the real stuff, many candies will likely smell like a marijuana plant. However, your first and last line of defense is to look at the packaging. Throw away any candy not in it’s original packaging, if the packaging has been tampered with, and don’t accept any candy that’s  been taken out of it’s original package and put into another bag.

If you don’t trust it, throw it away!

Side effects of THC consumption are paranoia, headaches, dizziness, vomiting and seizures. Due to their significantly lower weight, children exposed to high amounts of THC can have increased, and prolonged effects. If you are your child begin to experience any of these symptoms seek medical attention as soon as possible; be safe, not sorry.

Sandy Logan, a Substance Abuse Educator, gives us a good idea to considered this Halloween.

“I’m gonna go out and have a good time and buy my candy ahead of time. And when my kids go to sleep, I’m going to swap it out,” she said.


While THC-infused candy/food may not always be clearly marked, especially if individuals are trying to expose others to the drug unwillingly, below are some examples of what THC infused candy/food may look like :


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