Safety Tips: Halloween Edition

Multi-ethnic children dressed in Halloween costumes

T-minus 7 days till Halloween!

This means a night out for most families with kids and teenagers. Although Halloween is a night full of costumes, scaring, laughing, friends, candy and fun, it can quickly and easily take a turn for the worst and become dangerous. If you’re the adult/teenage supervisor to trick-or-treaters, remember: you are responsible for yours and their safety!

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who’ll take advantage of wearing a costume, large crowds, young children, and sometimes chaotic streets. It’s incredibly important to stay safe, and aware when walking around with children and teenagers, especially if time wanders into the later, darker hours of the night.

Here are some safety tips to help ensure a fun, accident-less night out for the whole bunch: 

  1. Plan a route in advance. Stay in familiar areas, preferably with even ground, perhaps with neighbors you know and can trust. Have a plan if you get separated, where will you meet up? Keep your phone on you and set to loud!
  2. Stay sober. Especially if you have children out trick-or-treating. This will help keep you focused, and alert.
  3. Wear comfy shoes. Children and adults! This will help keep you energized and maintain focus. Also, if there’s any reason you may need to bust out a jog or sprint, you’ll be ready!
  4. Stay well-lit. Make sure you can see your children at all times, and that walk-ways you travel down are clear and easy to navigate. Young ones may have trouble coordinating obstacles in darker pathways, and it’s easier to miss a crack or rock with distractions present.
  5. Make sure all costumes are short. Not too short though! This will keep your feet free to walk steadily through the night, and also allow for quicker get-a-ways if needed.
  6. Avoid masks. Make sure you can see your children’s face, and they can see yours! Children can become easily confused and scared if there are multiple masks that look the same. This is an easy way for predators to take advantage as well.
  7. Use flexible props. In case someone does happen to trip or fall, their costume won’t bring any additional harm.
  8. Check your child’s candy. Again, there are lunatics out there, and they will adulterate the candy for no sane reason!

Go together, go slow, have a plan, stay safe, stay sober, and have fun!

For more safety tips and talks follow HSWT’s blog, by clicking here!




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