KRACK Attack: Is Your Wi-Fi Safe?

News broke earlier this week that our WPA2 wi-fi is not as secure as we may think. Viral attackers can unleash a “KRACK Attack” on your internet signal, allowing them to access your encrypted information, like: credit card numbers, bank information, passwords, etc.

As described in this article by, the “four-way handshake” that occurs when users join a new network is where the weakness lies. The third message of the four way shake is the encryption key. This is what becomes compromised. If the encryption key is copied, it allows the attacker to record and replay this third message, enabling them to reinstall a cryptographic key that’s already been used thereby accessing any and all the information now streaming from your device through the internet signal (WPA2).

While it wont be an easy task, you can check to see if your wi-fi has been affected. Check out this youtube video detailing the how-to:

Here’s a list of all the vendors who have already taken action to patch their routers:

While the techies of the world unite to mitigate the KRACK Attacks, be very picky about what wi-fi you jump on, check your accounts, sign up for identity theft protection, just be plain ol’ careful!

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