Do I really need Safety Training?

There are three main reasons why every business needs Safety Training:

  1. State requirement
  2. Avoid citations from Cal-OSHA
  3. Protect the employee and employer in Worker’s Compensation matters

(2) Cal-OSHA stands for California Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is their job to make sure every business is operating safely and lawfully. To do this, Cal-OSHA will come to your door and ask to take a look around.

What are the ten most cited violations by Cal-OSHA? These violations can carry citation ranging from a few thousand dollars, or hundreds of thousands of dollars! Do you want to be cited or helped?

OSHA Citations


Would the OSHA inspector find your operations satisfactory in these areas?

(3) In order to create a safe and healthy workplace for your employees, they must be trained in many different areas of safety. If not, an employee can be seriously injured. Below is a graph that depicts the average cost the listed Workers Compensation Claim will cost a company.

HSWT Graph

Furthermore, the average cost of a serious Back Claim in California in 2014 was $52,080, Slip/Fall injuries $70,083, Mental Stress $37,637, Repetitive Motion injuries $39, 185, & other cumulative Trauma injuries $37,863.

HSWT can complete safety training to minimize these exposures!


What about drug testing?

When an employee is injured, it’s possible that they are under the influence of alcohol or illicit/prescription drugs. Is it lawful to drug test your employees? Is drug testing effective? Yes! As long as you treat every company employee the same!

My employee already knows how to drive a forklift, do I really have to pay for additional training?

If your company operates Forklifts, forklift drivers have to be trained initially & periodically? HSWT can provide this training!

It is necessary to complete safety inspections in California?

Yes! Periodic inspections and procedures for correction and control provide a method of identifying existing or potential hazards in the workplace, and eliminating or controlling them. Hazard control is the heart of an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

Do I really need Safety Training?

According to the State, Yes! However, if you choose not to provide the proper training, be prepared to absorb to impending cost.


HSWT can evaluate the potential risks to your business, and create a step-by-step plan to get your Safety Program on track! Contact us today!


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